Long Live Highmoon Press

Highmoon Games is dead.

My intention is indeed to bring back my publishing business in 2018, but I’m expanding the scope beyond games.

Long live Highmoon Press.

The name change is more than a gimmick, it speaks to the direction I’m taking with this relaunch. While games have always been important to me, and have certainly been the primary product I’ve produced and published, they are far from my only interest. I also find the current tabletop gaming environment to be slightly less than welcoming, which gives me more impetus to stretch beyond only games. Going with the name of Highmoon Press signals that wider scope, both to the audience and to myself.

All that said, I will be making games, and one of the products I will be working on for release this year is a game called Don’t You Forget About Me. Based on my The Breakfast Club hack of Lady Blackbird, DYFAM will be a more generic high school game exploring angst and identity, quite possibly to the sounds of awesome 80s music. I’ll talk more about it once it’s done and closer to release.

There is another game project that I’ve been wrestling with for some time now, one which I’ve written about in a series of Worldbuilding posts, and which I continue to think about and develop little by little. I will keep sharing posts about this game from time to time, and together we’ll find if this game will happen or not.

There is another project I am working on for Highmoon Press for this year (or early next), the release of my first novel. I’ll talk more about that in another post about fiction.

I’m excited about Highmoon Press. It’s gonna take quite a bit of juggling with my full-time job, family life, a toddler, and whatnot, but it’ll be worth it. Hope you’ll join me.