Lately, I’ve been dissatisfied with social media for a variety of reasons, and the semi-hiatus I’m taking until I see the new Star Wars movie has made me realize I can do without it.

Well, to a certain extent.

I still need and crave social interaction, but perhaps it can be refocused towards a more productive goal. With that in mind, I have been thinking about The Inklings, the literary society to which JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis (among others) belonged to. It was an informal gathering of people who enjoyed narrative fiction. During their meetings, they would discuss books they were reading, and equally important, works they were writing, being to each other a source of criticism and encouragement.

I like that idea, a lot, and I think that’s the form of networking I need going forth, something a lot more focused in both membership and topic, that allows for both social interaction with friends and productive endeavors of a creative nature.

I’m giving this some more thought as to how it can be made to work the best way possible, and maybe in the new year I’ll give it a go, see if there are other like-minded people willing to give an old idea a new try.