A Fistful of Fate

In the last couple weeks I’ve been binge-reading game books, and it’s been fantastic. I am still making my way through Fantasy AGE, but I took a detour to re-read Fate Accelerated Edition, and then I fell down the Fate rabbit hole.

Fate Accelerated Edition (FAE) is the quicker, slicker version of the Fate Core System by Evil Hat Productions. While I like Fate, FAE is absolutely my favorite version of the system due to its simplicity of rules and robustness of applications. FAE can be used for any genre with little to no tinkering, and at just over 50 digest-sized pages, the book is easy to read and understand (it’s also quite cheap). FAE just provides the perfect amount of rules I’m interested in at this point in life, while being able to handle pretty much any kind of game I can imagine.

I also have quite a few of the Fate Worlds of Adventure, 50-60-page setting/adventure sourcebooks which Evil Hat produces via Patreon, which I have loaded onto my tablet and been reading as well. I love this format because it showcases the breadth of possibilities achievable with Fate, not to mention ways in which you can use the existing rules to create new effects without necessarily adding tons of new rules. These are also extremely inspirational, creatively-speaking, and have already spurred some ideas for similarly-formatted settings of my own.

In the last couple weeks, I’ve read the following Worlds of Adventure:

  1. The 3 Rocketeers: Combine The Three Musketeers with space opera and you have this clever setting where the Rocketeers protect the Queen of Galia from threats abounding in the Holy Roman Stellar Empire. Swashbuckling and jet packs, people!
  2. The Aether Sea: Fantasy adventures in space! Grab your ship, and sail the vastness of aetherspace in search of work, adventure, or both! If I call it a Fate version of the old D&D Spelljammer campaign setting, I don’t think I’d be doing it a disservice.
  3. Sails Full of Stars: Space exploration in the 1800s. By being historical-based, it threads a different road than Aether Sea, while still scratching the fantasy space exploration itch.
  4. Knights of Invasion: Take your standard medieval fantasy, complete with knights and jousting, then throw in an alien invasion with a variety of motives to choose from! An interesting combination of genres done well.
  5. Save Game: The Glitch has infected the world in which all the characters from the 8-bit video game days live, and now it’s up to your characters to save Cartridge City from deletion. Everything about this greatly original setting is right, and the only way it could’ve been better is if it had featured pixelated artwork.
  6. Venture City: A double-sized book, it includes a brand-new superpowers system for Fate that is both simple and flexible, making it the de-facto supers sourcebook for the game. You get all that, plus a pretty interesting setting where supers are sponsored, and the line between hero and villain is very fuzzy indeed.

I look forward to reading more of these Worlds of Adventure, and seeing how else they inspire me.


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