2 May, 1998. Outskirts of Hogsmeade, Scotland.

The Battle of Hogwarts is over. The school lies in ruins, ancient stones that had seen generations of wizards and witches now lie in rubble, many covered in the blood of giants and spiders, Death Eaters and wizards. When the spellduel begins in the courtyard, everything else stops. When the wands explode in an eldritch fireball, everyone closes their eyes. When dust settles, everyone gasps.

The Dark Lord lives. The Boy Who Lived lives no more.

A hundred sickly-green curses fly, instantly killing every muggle-born wizard and witch visible by the front rank of Death Eaters. They miss one, the one they most wanted dead, Potter’s friend. The attack snaps everyone out of stupor, and the battle is resumed. It lasts only a few minutes, long enough for a some students to escape deep into the ruins of Hogwarts. Everyone else is summarily executed.

The Dark Lord lives. And so begins the New World Order.

Three years later, the battle has moved underground. Once known as Dumbledore’s Army, the members of the new Order of the Phoenix have scattered all across the globe, hiding in wizarding and muggle cities alike, where they organize local resistance cells, train new fighters, and act as beacons of hope to those oppressed by Voldemort’s Death Eaters.

You are one of these new recruits. Grab your wand, and join the fight.

I came across these WWII-style propaganda posters for a Harry Potter alternate universe where Voldemort wins. The creator also made these awesome WANTED posters for the kids as they would be a few years into the resistance. These are all very evocative  images, and as happy as I was with the ending of the Harry Potter series, this is an alternate universe that I think would be awesome to explore. Not being one to wrote a lot of fan fiction, I’d do it via a roleplaying game, one where the players all get to explore the world along with the characters, where we get to make things up as we encounter them and are surprised by them.

The WANTED posters gave me the idea that the players are *not* the members of the Order. They are too high-profile, too known (and in meta terms, too laden with history and expectations). They act great, however, as focal points, mentors that the characters would have met, can look up to, maybe even call on once or twice. The members of the Order are the public face, drawing attention away from those carrying on the day-to-day fight: the new bright-eyed recruits eager to join the resistance and help liberate their world.

As for Potter himself? I prefer to keep the mystery. The NWO Ministry of Magic released this WANTED poster recently, so make of that what you will.

Yes, I realize this is basically a mashup of Harry Potter and Star Wars with a dash of Lord of the Rings thrown in, but I’m perfectly okay with that.