In Miami we need external cues to mark the change of seasons. I personally use beers: once the seasonal selection changes at the store, I know we’ve moved on. It is now Autumn according to this calendar.

Which is awesome, because Fall is my favorite season of the year. Not that we get much a change in weather in Miami, mind you; it is still hot here, with daily temps in the upper-80s/low-90s. But the breeze has changed a bit, and as October rolls in we will see some cooler climates arrive (read: temps in the 70s).

That means bike season is here. While the northerners have been enjoying their Summer out on their bikes, we’ve had to deal with 100°+ days and daily summer storms; hardly the best outdoor weather. But with Fall arriving, more and more people will venture out on two wheels and that’s fantastic.

I know I’ve been remiss in riding my bike during the Summer months. I asked forgiveness of my bike and promised to take it out for rides a lot more from now on. You should too. Welcome to Autumn, bike season.