My first semester back in university after 8 years out is now done, sealed and in my academic record. How did I do? I’ll let the grades speak for themselves:

  • Foundations of Human Physiology – A
  • Foundations of Human Physiology Lab – B+
  • Introduction to Ethics – A
  • Introduction to Psychology – A

Yeah, allow me a moment to feel a bit smug. :-)

Overall, it was a fine semester, though after Spring Break I really felt the squeeze at times, especially because I then had to take time off for Passover and that set me behind on my classes. On all of them I was able to make it up, on all except Statistics, which you don’t see listed above. I was not able to drop it on time thanks to the Prof not giving us our grades before the drop deadline, and after Spring Break/Passover, I came back to find I had no idea what the material was right on a test date. Long story short, I deliberately took an F on that class, so I can repeat it in the Fall and replace that grade. I hate that it came to that, but there was no other way around it.

I’m glad to be back in school. I’m pleased with myself that I’ve been able to get back into the swing of things so well. I did very well in my classes, and after an 8-year break and a change in faculties, that’s something to be proud of.

I’ll throw in a mention about my commuting experience since February, as I also never updated beyond the first month. I spent all of Feb using the public bus as I was without a valid driver’s license during that time. In general I had no problem with it, except for the extra time it took to get to and from school. Yes, I’d use the time as best as possible, but sometimes it was just a chore, especially before the time change, when getting out at 6 PM from Statistics meant everything was pitch dark. I saved some money, yes, but then I used it up in paying the traffic ticket and the license renewal fees. By March I was using my car again and I kept doing so for the rest of the semester, minimizing the use of gas as much as possible, but still driving. I did eventually get a new bicycle, but I have not tried to do the bike-bus combo anymore.

Today I start my summer semester, 7 weeks of intense study in two classes, Human Growth & Development and Intercultural Communication (which I’m taking online). After that, summer break. And man, I cannot wait for it. I’ll talk more about my summer classes once I’ve gotten into the thick of things a bit.

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