Yesterday morning I took the scenic route back home from the synagogue, going down all of Lincoln Road Mall, to the Oceanwalk Promenade, then up 5th St before heading home (see the Map). On a whim, I decided to count all the bikes I came across my way, whether parked or with riders. Everyone knows we have a lot of bicyclists here in the Beach, but I wanted to have a very rough headcount. It was 10 AM, and the temp was in the mid 50s, so I figured I would see only those out exercising, and those on their way to/from/already at work.

When all was said and done, I counted 146 bikes, including me, with about 85 of them being spotted just along Lincoln Rd. I am no urban statisticians, but that seemed like a lot of bikes for a 3/4-mile long stretch, let alone for the 2.5 miles of my entire trip. And that fills me with joy.

Check out these pics.

What was really of note to me was where these bikes were parked: all along Lincoln Rd, they were near the various restaurants that line the pedestrian mall, restaurants which, at 10 AM, were setting up for a day’s work. These were the bikes of the workers that power touristy Miami Beach, people who for whatever reason use their bikes as the main form of transportation. I mean, check out that last pic of the guy with the makeshift bike trailer! And he’s far from the only one I’ve seen with similar cargo contraptions around here. These are the folks that truly matter when we consider and plan for bicycle infrastructure, the folks whose main form of transportation is their bike. It’s good to keep in mind who we truly are advocating for.