Though I received my acceptance letter from FIU a couple of weeks back, the process of getting everything set up in their system was a little slower. Add to that the move and some amount of lethargy on my part, and it results in me not having registered yet for the Spring 2010 semester, starting January 4 (ack!).

No more; I sat down yesterday at my computer with my mooched wifi connection and navigated the murky waters of the greater FIU website, filling out every single form I still needed to (FAFSA, I’m looking at you), applying for Financial Aid, and finally going through the process of registration (and I’m exagerating a bit – the new website is so much better than what was in place when I graduated in 2002!). A couple of hours later I was done and registered for my first semester of pre-Nursing, en route to my BSN.

As is Law, the first semester’s schedule–whether for freshmen or returning students–always sucks, and mine is no exception. Check this out:

  • PCB 2099 Fundamentals of Physiology – Mo/We/Fr 9:00AM – 9:50AM
  • PCB 2099L Fundamentals of Physiology Lab – Fr 10:00AM – 12:45PM
  • PHI 2600 Intro to Ethics – Mo/We/Fr 2:00PM – 2:50PM
  • PSY 2012 Intro to Psychology – Tu/Th 11:00AM – 12:15PM
  • STA 2122 Intro to Statistics I – Tu/Th 5:00PM – 6:15PM

On Mondays and Wednesday I have a 4 hour gap in the middle, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a 5 hour gap, which just couldn’t be helped in order to keep all my classes in the same campus. Time to study, I guess.

I am scared shitless, but excited as hell at the same time. In a couple of weeks, it’ll all start.

Damn, I need to get the books now.