4C System Heroic Moments Intro Pack [BUNDLE]

Jump into a world of marvelous superheroics with the 4C System Heroic Moments Intro Pack.

Emulating a well-loved superhero game of marvelous proportions, the 4C System is an easy-to-use engine to power your quest for truth and justice. With the Intro Pack, you get the core rules and two Heroic Moments scenarios, enough to get you and your friends clobbering villains in no time.

Grab some dice, don the spandex, and live your own Heroic Moment with the 4C System!

The 4C System Heroic Moments Intro Pack includes:

  • 4C System Core Rules
  • Heroic Moments #1: My Favorite Charity
  • Heroic Moments #2: Unregistered Mutant

All for only $1.00!

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