Paizo Publishing announced today the release of their new Pathfinder RPG, based on the d20 3.5 SRD. They have just released the Alpha Playtest PSD for free, and intend to release a free PDF/$24.95 print Beta Playtest in August 2008, with a final hardcover product for Gen Con 2009.

Let it be known that this day is the day whence the road of D&D officially split in twain.

With this announcement, Paizo has flicked a giant finger at WotC (“Basing the Pathfinder RPG on 3.5 also allows Paizo more control over our destiny than simply following along with the latest edition and the newest licensing changes.” -Erik Mona) and provided the rallying point for all the 3,5 fans out there who are simply not interested in D&D 4th Edition.

I just downloaded the file and will look through it. I obviously want to know about 3rd party support, but I’m sure it will come up soon enough without me having to ask.

All in all, excellent news, and a fitting continuation to the “interesting” way 2008 has been developing so far.