… and I think they might be onto something here.

Flag of the Second Republic of Vermont

CBS News
The Breakway Republic Of Vermont?
Small Cadre Of Writers And Academics Plots A Secession Strategy
MONTPELIER, Vt., June 4, 2007

(AP) At Riverwalk Records, the all-vinyl record store just down the street from the state Capitol, the black “US Out of Vt.!” T-shirts are among the hottest sellers.

But to some people in Vermont, the idea is bigger than a $20 novelty. They want Vermont to secede from the United States — peacefully, of course.

Disillusioned by what they call an empire about to fall, a small cadre of writers and academics is plotting political strategy and planting the seeds of separatism.


My favorite quote is this one:

“The argument for secession is that the U.S. has become an empire that is essentially ungovernable — it’s too big, it’s too corrupt and it no longer serves the needs of its citizens,” said Rob Williams, editor of Vermont Commons, a quarterly newspaper dedicated to secession.

You know, I can’t say I disagree, and as I said, I think they may be onto something. Will it go through? Probably not, but it is neat they are taking a stand and it will be interesting, and amusing, to see this as it develops.

All I’m saying is that if Vermont seceedes, I am immediately starting the movement to have Central and South Florida seceede from the rest of Florida and the nation. We’ll take Disney as ours and Miami will be the capital city.