The day is going by super slow and I can’t wait to get out so I can go home, finish packing and make it official that we’re going on vacation!

On the plus side, I have had time to do a lot: I’ve caught up on all of my paperwork, leaving it all crystal clear for my boss while I’m out, and I managed to record, edit and send out a new episode of my podcast, The Gamer Traveler, this one focusing on the German town of Rothenburg (in honor of the World Cup and all).

I’m still psyched about the Miami Heat’s victory last night. NBA Champions, that sounds great. Too bad that we’ll miss the parade on Friday, but I’ll be wandering around Brussels, so it’s quite allright.

Ok, time to finish the dreary paperwork and catch the second half of the Holland vs. Argentina match on right now. Go Holland!!!

And GO USA tomorrow!!!