Pope Benedict XVI may not be John Paul II, but he’s certainly setting up this papacy to be the most interesting one in some time, and the richest one in terms of plot hooks for gamers. I mean, take a look at this, from MSNBC.com:

Pssst! Where the devil is the exorcist meeting?
Pope greets convention members, urges them to continue good work
Updated: 11:49 a.m. ET Sept. 14, 2005

VATICAN CITY – Orthodontists have national conventions, as do lawyers and computer salespeople. So why not exorcists?

At the end of his weekly general audience on Wednesday Pope Benedict greeted Italian exorcists who, he disclosed, are currently holding their national convention. The pope encouraged them to “carry on their important work in the service of the Church.”

Problem was that until the pope spoke few people outside the inner circle knew that a convention of Beelzebub-busters was going on, presumably in Rome.

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I mean, it’s just too easy! I have to admit, I like my Catholics old-school, and they don’t come more old school than Ratzinger.