I just sent this post to the three contestants in our DaVinci Labs Writing Competition.

Hello, everyone. First of all, my apologies for having waited all week to contact you. I got back from Puerto Rico on Sunday to an apt. without power since Katrina passed by Miami on Thursday. I got back to my house on Wed night and have just finally finished arriving after a hectic two-week period. But enough of my life-story.

In the interest of fairness, what I did with the entries I received was remove all traces of names from the files, print them out, and read them without knowing which was from whom. In judging, I was looking for a combination of good game design, inventiveness when given an illustration to stat-up, imagination for story elements, and the potential to become a co-designer for the whole line based on these elements (not to mention good spelling, grammar, etc.).

All three entries were good, and this is not just lip service. It was hard deciding on a winner, because if I had my way, I would merge all three of you into a new creature that would justly earn me the moniker of “Mad Genius” and be done with it. Seeing as how that was not an option, I had to make a choice:

Congratulations to Joshua Hoade, winner of the DaVinci Labs competition and new co-designer for the whole line.

John and Chris, thanks a million for having taken part in this open call. Though you didn’t win, here is something that hopefully will make you feel better: I will be using parts of your entries when editing the final version of the first DaVinci Labs release, because I liked some of your ideas a lot and I think they should see the light of day. You will both get Additional Design credit on the PDF, and get a free copy of the first two DaVinci Labs releases.If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I hope that you will become members of the HMP-News mailing list, so you can keep informed of future open calls we may have.

Thanks again to all who replied to the DaVinci Labs open call, and expect the first release in this line very soon.

Congratulations to Joshua Hoade, and welcome to Highmoon Media Productions (wow, we now actually have a staff!).