Chabad finally said something about the situation in Israel, and boy, did they come out swinging! This article they published in their weekly magazine, The Fate of Gush Katif is the Fate of New York, is amazing, poignant and absolutely, 100% true. Just the opening paragraphs, I think, are an eye opener:

Argument #1: We don’t belong there. Why should 8,500 Jews insist on living amongst more than a million Arabs? This is the question prompting the forced evacuation of all Jews from the Gaza Strip this month.Of all arguments for the “disengagement,” this one by far is the most objectionable. It proves the power of propaganda–how people will parrot nonsense without realizing the foolishness of the argument. There are 20,000 Jews living in Berlin amongst 3.6 million Germans. No one would dare suggest that we should expel the Jews from Berlin because they may be a provocation to 3.6 million Germans. So let’s get this straight. A Jew is allowed to live in Berlin, a Jew is allowed in Moscow, in Melbourne and in Shanghai. The only place in the world a Jew is not allowed to live, is in Israel! Why? Because Arabs living in Gaza hate Jews too much to tolerate the sight of a single Jew before their eyes.

And then this, my favorite statement in the whole article, and the reason why I am opposed to the “disengagement” from Gaza and the West Bank:

By this logic, Israel should close up shop entirely. Is it practical to have five million Jews in a sea of hundreds of millions of Arabs and more than a billion Muslims? Or maybe we should disappear from the world completely: does it make sense that 14 million Jews live among 6 billion gentiles?

Those are some powerful words, and very true at that, and is what Jewish proponents of the withdrawal need to understand: in leaving Gaza and the West Bank, we have just given a statement that we don’t deserve to be in this world. To the Arabs, Palestinians and otherwise, as well as to the rest of the Nations of the world, there is NO DIFFERENCE between Gaza and Jerusalem, and when they come knocking at the Knesset’s doors saying, “Give up Jerusalem, East AND West,” we won’t have a leg to stand on, because we ourselves set the precedent.

Read the article, it is just excellent.